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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the table. we'll look at how much you could be spending. and the redskins get a win in overtime defeating the titans 16-13 thanks to this graham gano kick. that's the skin's first win since october 24th. but you can confuse this game with an episode of house with all of the injuries. dave ross joins us with monday morning quarterback. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. take a look outside. view from tower cam. just can't see a darn thing out there because it's so foggy on this monday morning. it is november 22nd, 2010. good morning i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this foggy monday morning. >> i like the house reference to the drama at the game yesterday. >> it's a fox thing. >> that's the way of working fox 5 shows in --
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>> well i'm just gleeful to get that in because we're all american idol. >> and we're mainstream, not fringe. we're all getting a bonus this week. and here is the main story, you saw the live shot. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for the entire -- well almost the entire region. not so much to the north. but prettych everywhere, fog advisory and visibility down to a quarter mile or less and as you saw, it is very, very thick out there. here is a look at the satellite radar. doesn't do a great job of capturing the fog nor does it capture the mist or drizzle that may be out there. to be honest i've not seen many reports of drizzle during the last couple of hours. that was more overnight but it is certainly misty out there so be aware of that. current temperatures being reported, 50 at reagan national. 57 at dulles airport, 48 at bwi marshall. the forecast for washington for today, look for a high today in
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the mid-60s. yes, the mid-60s. after a dreary, foggy morning, we will eventually see partly sunny skies later on. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update with traffic. and for that we go to julie wright. >> tony, still dealing with the fog that you and tucker have been talking about all morning long and here is the closeup along 66 working in from 50 fair oaks toward 123. again, limited visibility on the roads. not only for our traffic cameras but for the commuters as well. some places it will be difficult to see a car length ahead of you and allow extra time on the road. got news about 66 is the crash we've been talking about out of manassas is finally cleared. the traffic is -- the traffic is slow in manassas between the two 234 interchanges and delays at 7100 and slowdowns at the beltway. the outer loop is congested 95 to georgia, southbound 270 on the brakes through the fog traveling south of father hurley to mva and more delays in rockville heading for the lane divide. stalled car at greenbelt road
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now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the controversy continuing over the scans. after a little boy was selected for a full patdown, even though the metal detector didn't go off. the personal patdowns and full body scans are getting mixed reaction from passengers. ever since new measures were introduced. here is sarah simmons live at reagan national with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, allison. we're hearing a lot of mimed reaction from folks who are already traveling for the thanksgiving holiday season. air travel of course will continue to build as we head into thursday. but the big controversy is the full body scanners. you have the option to go through that, but the tsa said if you opt out, you will then have to go through the intense body patdown which has also been controversial as well. some people seem not to have a
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problem but others do. the transportation security administration said they know that passengers are very uncomfortable with this but they have no plans to change their policy but will try to strengthen or unstrengthen, i guess i should day, the intensity of the patdowns. now i talked with passenger this is morning on their way to their thanksgiving destination. here is what they have to say. >> it doesn't really bother me. i'm all for anything to keep us safe in the air. hopefully it doesn't come to a patdown, but if it does, then anything to keep us safe. >> i guess some people maybe if they don't travel enough or depending on how frustrated they are with delays, it can get pretty frustrating. >> there are some critics in congress that say this is a very efficient way.
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and they are also looking at documents more closely for people to get on the plane. and president obama has said the tsa tells him these are the only techniques they believe will be effective in preventing anything like what happened last christmas. we're live here at reagan national, sarah simmons, back to you. two step rat stabbings many manassas involving to teenage victims and now police believe the crimes are connected and linked to gang. the first incident also may be linkinged to the death of a 15- year-old who was stabbed to death near brent and bar toe streets. the 15-year-old, miguel hernandez died. two teen-agers were arrested in connection with the death. right now police are looking for who may be responsible for the other death. the mystery of a bod found in a box on the side of a
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highway might be solved as police arrested marvin palencia. last week the body of jacobo vasquez was found in a box. palencia is charged with first- degree murder while armed. today jurors in the chandra levy case are beginning their fourth day of deliberations. last week the nine women and three men on the jury spent 15 hours trying to reach a verdict and on friday they asked the judge for a legal definition of assault. that's important because guandique can be found of first- degree murder the jury has to decide if levy was assaulted. our paul wagner is blogging about the case from inside of the courtroom and you can follow his updates at under the tab. paul will join us live in the studio coming up in the 8:00 hour. a discovery in north korea
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after an american scientist said he saw 2,000 new centrifuges that can produce uranium. the news is provocative but not a surprise. the u.s. special envoy for north korea said the white house has been watching their ambitions for some time. there is a request for the end of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy as soon as possible, which bans gays from service. they are backing a vote in the lame duck session of congress. a new policy is due to be released december 30th, one day after lawmakers get back from vacation. taliban responding to troops pulling out by 2014. they are calling the nato plan irrational and a sign of failure. he want it's done now and promised bloodshed if it doesn't. they want the afghan government to fold and leave the taliban in unofficial power. among the obstacles is installing and building up that
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government which is taking much longer than planned. the war in afghanistan was just one of the topics covered by president barack obama at the nato conference in portugal that wrapped up over the weekend. we'll take a closer look coming up later this hour. making headlines this morning, catholics reacting to the pope's comments on the use of condoms. in a new book to bee released tomorrow the pontiff said couldn't oms may be justified if the intention is to stop the spread the hiv and aids. he said using a cond come could be the first step in the direction of moralization. >> it's overdue and not enough. >> i go along with what he says and our newly elected cardinal, donald wuerl, the highly educated, extremely aware of world problems and issues and i agree with that. i think it's wonderful. i think it shows they are as brilliant as they both are and they are aware of the issues
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and i'm very proud of them. >> they weren't that clear about what exactly it was. and i think if anything it would say why it should be immediately. >> the vatican insists the comments are not revolutionary but a year ago he said condoms could make things worse. and donald wuerl now a cardinal. a new gold ring, and the father gave out the rings yesterday. cardinal wuerl is one of two americans elevated and the only one serving as the head of money american diocese. he had many people travel with him to rome to witness his elevation. we have two more examples of working in a mine. coming up, new details about the rescue of miners trapped in
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rising floodwaters in china. plus the latest on the attempt to rescue 30 miners trapped underground since friday in new zealand. it turns out that prince william's big week was even bigger than we thought. how the future king of william helped to save a life dayed after getting engaged. and as we take you to break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic updates. foggy out there. take your time. we'll we back with that information and the rest of the day's news next.
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this will make you feel better about the cool temperatures here. it got wicked up in minneapolis and problems up on the roads there as well. talking about ice and heavy dose of ice and sleet on the roads. that causes problems. >> even to look at it -- state
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police responded to 400 car crashes in five hours. and there were reports of people slipping and falling. one person did die from their injuries. >> i hate to see that. >> that's immobilizing weather. >> and you know, you get those massive problems typically with the first big storm of the season because no one is ready. they're not used to it. and so big problems out there. here we just have fog this morning. and it's very dense. and because of that we have a dense fog advisory that is in effect for most of the area until 11:00 this morning. let's look at the current temperatures because we do have updated information for you. our temperatures dropped off a little bit here in d.c. 49 degrees. check out your humidity, 97%. that's why we have all of the fog and everything out there, misty conditions as well. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. that's good. those southerly winds will bring in mild air for us today. barometric pressure quite high, 30.37. temperatures across the country
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look like this: we're down to 49 now, the district is the 50 you see there, the cincinnati at 62 degrees at this time of morning. isn't that odd? >> bring it this way. >> it is coming this way. little rock is 63. but check it out to our west,. >> look at montana. >> billings, montana, 1 below. >> it's like it's old pocket of coldness. >> it's cold up there in the northern plains. now see the difference from 67 to 34. well that's where we get the rain showers and thunderstorm activity this morning. tucker and i were just monitoring this a short time ago and there is quite a bit of lightning with the rainfall that you see in the midwest there this morning. five-day forecast, today problems this morning, fog, mist. but it will turn into a nice day. partly sunny later on, 64 degrees. that's 9 degrees above normal. tomorrow 68 and chance of showers in the afternoon and evening. we cool down on wednesday and
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thursday. chance of more showers on thanksgiving thursday. friday -- >> that's the complete reverse of today temperature wise. >> a few days to go. it's november and it's below zero in montana. >> it's an early start out there. >> i would think so. that's my weather guy question for tucker, to research, the earliest in the season we've been below zero. >> across the country? >> no. here in this area. >> we rarely get below zero but we'll look. >> i wonder if we did it in november or december. >> i doubt it. >> okay. i'll put it in the form of a question and submit it via e- mail. >> hi, julie. >> my question is which airline has the cheapest flights? all of this coldness. >> that will take some research. >> and then who is paying for it, tucker or tony? >> that's easy to research too, honey. [ laughter ] >> you're right on that, honey.
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eastbound 66 vow out of manassas, nutley street to the beltway. two left lanes blocked off for a crash. and dealing with the fog, allow extra time. southbound 270 incident free but on the brakes toward mva and again leaving 28 toward the split. outer loop slowing 95 to georgia. northbound route 1 at whiskey bottom and northbound lanes there are closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. in china 29 miners have been freed after being trapped for nearly a day in flooded coal mine. there is no word on what caused the flood at the mine in southwest china. in this case, everyone made it out okay. but china's mines are said to be among the deadliest in the world. 2600 people were killed in a coal mine accident last year alone. 29 men still missing in a mine in new zealand. they've been trapped since an
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explosion friday. crews are waiting for gas levels to go down before they can go in for the rescue. gurvir has the latest. >> reporter: police and rescue crews admitted that miners may not have survived the blast on friday but haven't given up hope yet. they are drilling a small shaft into the mine to test gas levels and the army is dedicated to send a bomb disposal robot to take pictures. >> i want my boy home. >> this is a risk and we'll go from there. >> a toxic mix of gases is keeping rescue workers on the surface. conditions just are not safe enough to go down no one has heard from the man since an explosion on friday afternoon. they range in age from 17 to 62. family members waiting for word are on pins and needles. >> they are feeling extreme fear and anxiety and frustration. we owe it to the men that are
7:19 am
underground that are undertaking the rescue, we do so in a way that doesn't endanger lives any further. >> they are safe but it's just how long is it going to take out for sure what is going on down there. >> two miners escaped soon after the explosion. >> we were lucky. very luckily. could have easily been blown to bits. >> the pair walked out a tunnel a mile and a half from where the 29 missing men are believed to be. >> not even sure who is down there. so there is a lot of young guys down there and a lot of people waiting and we don't know if they're alive or dead. we just don't know. because we're not sure where the explosion was. >> crews do expect to be finished drilling that shaft hole later today. that battery-operated robot will be equipped with a camera but it can't be sent in until
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the air clears in that mine. the cholera outbreak in haiti getting worse. the disease is now spread to the neighborhoods in the haiti second largest city, after devastating the capital. the hospitals are over overwhelmed and 12 pun people have already died. and now the future queen, kate middleton has been assigned her own team of bodyguards. you can see her traveling with one of the members of the team as she left her parents' home. she's with the same detective sergeant who was on prince harry's protection squad. two female royal protection officers dubbed cag knee and lacy part of her team. and her future husband being called a sear hoe. prince william saved a man's live. he was involved in a military helicopter rescue to help a man stuck in the mountains.
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the man suffered a heart attack on the uk tallest mountain. prince william safely guided the helicopter to the mountain side and then to the hospital where he received temperature. on thursday, a lot of folks will gather with family and friends. and everybody will be sharing a meal together. but putting the meal together might cost you more this year. coming up next, we'll break it down and look at how much it might cost you. also coming up this morning, we're breaking down the redskins win over the titans. is it a big win? >> it's a big win. >> but they had just as many injuries. dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. >> not big win as in margin. but just as important. they needed it. it's like taking a trip back to the 19th century. holly is at the wr rudy drugstore museum in mt. airy this morning. a big name and lots of cool stuff there and we'll check in for a tour coming up at 7:21.
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it's just a few more days before you can dig into your favorite thanksgiving dishes. but times are tough and some hosts say they are being forced to cut back. especially after a new survey shows the price of a turkey dinner has gone up. peter ducey looks at what it will cost you to serve that thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: after thanksgiving dinner every feels heavier but this year people's wallets will be a little lighter and that's because the average price of a thanksgiving dinner for ten is up 1.3% this year. that is according to the american farm bureau federation who breaks it down like this: three pounds bag of sweet potatoes, up 7 cents. and frozen turkeys up 28%. we visited a poultry farm in upstate new york and they claimed to us that their customers will notice their birds cost more this year. because it cost farmers so much
7:26 am
more to raise them. >> the more turkeys we raise, the more chickens we raise, the more feed we need and as a are the, we raise our prices on the meat. but they got to eat. we have to buy the food. >> reporter: laura told us she doesn't think a 20 cents per pound increase is going to lead people to cancel thanksgiving dinner this week and they've had very few cancellations so far. economists say the real problem this week doesn't have anything to do with the cost of food but rather the cost of getting around. >> the bigger problem for thanksgiving is the cost of getting to grandmas. it's the big increase in oil prices and the cost of travel as a result since a year ago. >> so americans aren't likely to be thanksgivingful for the high prices since so many people are struggling. but green peas are down 14 cents and stuffing is down a penny. peter ducey, fox news. >> green peas and stuffing are important. so it may cost you more to
7:27 am
buy the ingredients but preparing the meal doesn't have to be any terrible experience. we'll have some shortcuts in the next hour. we'll get the weather and traffic coming up next. it's now 7:26 on this foggy monday morning.
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welcome back to morn morn. it's a monday morning, november 22nd. a live look there at the airport. i'm waiting to hear which one of those. the problem is fog out there, so you might want to call ahead if you are flying out today. >> at reagan national you can see the fog over the potomac in the background. it's hard to tell because the fog is so thick. but good news is no delays at the airport right now. so that is what is happening at reagan national. unfortunately for drivers, it might be a different problem so we'll get the latest from julie in a minute. the big question for you is when will it lift, tony? it will take a while. and freak weptly these advisories last until 8:00 or 9:00 and this one in effect until 11:00. it will take time to burn the fog off. let me show you the areas covered by the fog advisory. it's in effect until 11:00 this
7:31 am
morning. visibility in some locations could be down to a quarter mile or less. and this fog advisory is in effect for washington, d.c., all of the counties you see here in gray. now it has expanded in two directions into west virginia and into southern maryland as well. that's new. i know that earlier some of the counties, it was going to expire at 9:00. well check that and see if they've updated it. these counties newly added to the fog advisory and well out to the west. mean while yesterday's high temperatures 58 degrees at reagan national. 57 at dulles. 53 at bwi marshall. did you like those highs? because today will go higher than that at all of the area airports. take a look at current temperatures. we've dropped off. 48 degrees according to this map. 48 degrees here in washington. 48 at quantico. 48 in annapolis. gaithersburg is 48. winchester virginia is at 37.
7:32 am
cambridge, maryland is at 52 degrees. satellite radar picture for the region. we have the low clouds of course with the fog. we have misty conditions out there as well. no real rainfall. although a couple of little blips now showing up off to the west. we're been talking about the possibility of some drizzle so maybe now you are getting some drizzle just to the west of washington, d.c. forecast for washington for today looks like this: it's a rockier start to the day than it will be later. morning fog, but it will become partly sunny and mild this afternoon. believe it or not, high of about 64 degrees. that's well above normal. almost 10-degrees above normal. five-day forecast, tomorrow warmer still. up into the upper 60s, as promised as early as last week. scattered showers tomorrow during the afternoon and evening. wednesday we cool off to 56 degrees under mostly sunny skies. clouds build in again for thanksgiving. 54 with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. i'm sorry, no thunderstorms but showers in the evening. and then on friday 46 degrees.
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could there be. in the mountains out to the -- could there be snow in the mountains? >> could be. now to julie. and all of the fog complicating the commute. this is a live shot of northbound 95 out woodbridge. the main line open but slow in springfields on 395. no problems to report in the h.o.v. lanes. there they are in the center of your screen. finding the inner loop slowing at braddock toward 66. 66 is on the brakes in manassas, 7100 out toward fair oaks and then after nutley street to the beltway. top side of the inner loop a fender-bender. that is cleared, 95 is slow to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the big news coming out of the nato summit in portugal this past weekend. president obama repeating his pledge to start withdrawing
7:34 am
u.s. troops from afghanistan next year. the president and general david petraeus and hamid karzai were among the presidents. joining us now george condit to talk about this again. thank you for joining us. let's start with the future of afghanistan. it's kind of been a tough sell among nato nations recently. any developments over the weekend? >> well they did stay together on agreeing that 2014 would be when they would all be out. and the orange important thing is with some of the countries like canada already starting their pull-out, they have the trainers that they wanted. and that was a top priority of the president. and canada in particular has come through on that. >> although it looks like the u.s. may be beyond that 2014 date. it's just a question of if everybody else is on board. >> they say it's situation based. if they need to stay longer they will, but this is an important thing to keep the
7:35 am
alliance together. >> one of the other headlines that came out of this deals with russia, deals with the missile shield around europe and russia had been holding up that process. did they do a 180 on this? are they on board? >> the president last year changed the program that president bush had put in and it's seen as much less threatening to russia strategically. plus the -- the other important thing is the president had already started what he called a recess with u.s.-russia relations. this week we got a reset with nato russian relations. >> so what does this mean as far as the defenses that will now be in place, and who is on board with it? >> well you have russia seeming to be willing to work with the western alliance on missile defense. there is more detail to come but it's a good sign. >> when we get back to what is happening there and we talk
7:36 am
about this starting to do these protections with europe, how important was this visit for the president? because we talked so much about his visit to asia and he spent ten days which was a quick trip to deal with nato. how important is that in. >> well it's his third summit in ten days and the first two didn't go well. the white house was not happy about the reviews, the fact that he failed to get the free trade agreement with korea that he had sought. it was kind of embarrassing. this one, they liked the reviews a lot better. the important thing is they got the other allies to really sort of go attaboy and we support you on the new treaty getting ratified and that's his major challenge right now. >> so too early to view this as a success or is that attaboy enough to say this is something that we wanted to accomplish and we got it. >> we'll call it a success if
7:37 am
the rallying around that they did helped him persuade republicans to support the treaty. >> very political when you look at the gains there. and as far as the president's schedule, will he be granted now or are there more coming up? >> he is here and he has nothing on his public schedule today. it's amazing. and he'll have thanksgiving with his family and it is a quieter time. but then we have the lame duck session and that's more important than the summit. >> get a couple of days to rest up after the travel. george, it's a pleasure. thanks, george. 7:37 and jurors begin deliberation in the chandra levy trial. that's coming up in the next hour. and coming up next, the redskins come away with a victory in tennessee. dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. that's next.
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any way you slice it, the
7:41 am
redskins still got the win yesterday in nashville. the first victory in nearly a month. dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. it wasn't pretty. >> no. >> but they got it done and this was so important. not only coming off -- well we don't want to talk about monday night. not only coming of off that, but now you're 5-5 and back into it and we saw the giants play the eagles. you knew one of them would lose. >> it's a week by week league. and it proves that every week -- >> you need to stay in the mix. >> and they're still fighting. and that's the key. they haven't given up on the season. and we talked to the junkies on friday and people were jumping off the titanic thinking it was over. because they saw nothing off of the monday night massacre. they had a short week. going on the road. tennessee had everything to play for and look at what happens. and we have to give credit to the defense. and the reason being is it's
7:42 am
being the most malined unit. but yesterday they gave up 0 touchdowns. it was a special teams touchdown is the only one they had and that was early on because look at the time on the clock. 13 minutes to go in the first quarter and the titans are knocking on the doorstep and alex ander knocks it out. and then later they punted and scored. but it was the flow of we're not going to let them walk all over us on the first drive, punch us in the mouth like philadelphia did. they stood up and were accounted for yesterday. i was impressed with their scheme. and we've been harsh on their scheme on the 3-4 defense. but yesterday with a mash unit back there, they got it down and have not done that at all this year so i tip my cap to jim haslett and the boys. >> not only was vince young ineffective and confined to being a pocket quarterback.
7:43 am
but they shut down chris johnson until the 4th quarter. >> they held on. and we've talked about it last week, the key was not letting chris johnson get on the edges and they did a good job for that in regulation. overtime got dicey. also props to the offensive line. clinton portis for gutting it out and getting out there yesterday. the o-line, steve, again speaking of mash units, stephon heyer played a lot: will montgomery who was started in play of hicks had to move to center because casey rabach went down. portis should not have played yesterday and he gutted out a quarter's worth of action. and so really the guys -- again, we've seen other teams quit, other players individually quit on different teams, but nobody on the washington redskins quit yesterday. they gave maximum effort. and for that, i think these are interesting comments that the head coach and quarterback had to say about their offensive line. >> well they did a great job. you guys are well aware of the
7:44 am
guy that's went down during the game and guys that came in and we knew we had to run the football because they do a great job rushing the quarterback and putting pressure on the quarterback. if you get in a passing game completely they'll make some plays and get it turn overs and some sacks and we were able to survive. >> for the offense to stay in the drive and get down, especially in the situation that we were in with guys going down and guys stepping in, i thought the offensive line played well and gave us an opportunity to win. >> the fact that donovan threw the ball 50 times. >> with that unit. and i think dockery got hurt as well. so again two units, the d-line and o-line, they've been vast and they are got the w. yesterday. >> 5-5, tony perkins is a happy man today. >> we'll continue the coverage and we'll continue online. for the latest headlines click
7:45 am
on the sports tab at >> thanks, guys. are you happy? >> yes. i brought the redskins gear back out yesterday. no, i never put it away. >> it's nice to see that. >> yeah, it is. listen, we have a lot of fog out there. and it is very dense in operations. so we do have this dense fog advisory until 11:00 this morning. let's check the regional temperatures. we are at 49 degrees here. it's 46 down in norfolk, virginia. roanoke, virginia, 37 degrees there. some cold spots. new york city is at 51 at this hour. here is a look at what we expect to see the middle part of this week. obviously the big thanksgiving holiday is on thursday. for wednesday, your travel day, we're going to see warmer conditions in the southwest than what we would normally see. traveling down in the south, everything looks good except for the showers and storms.
7:46 am
temperature wise is fine but there are showers and storms. your frontal boundary splits the south and north. snowfall out in the plains and western mountain states. we're kind of right on the edge there. on thursday i do think we will see cooler temperatures. in fact we'll see cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday and friday and saturday and sunday, but we'll also get a chance of some rain showers on thursday, thanksgiving day in the afternoon and evening. here is your five-day forecast. today high of about 64 degrees. tomorrow 68. chance of some afternoon and evening showers. wednesday told you about mostly sunny and 56. thursday there you go. and friday your high of only 46 degrees. tucker, remember on friday, there may be some flurries on friday and it certainly is looking like in the mountains they will get some flurries. we'll have to wait and see if it happens. >> i believe he said within a 500-mile radius. >> yes, he narrowd it down. >> tony, thank you. checking in with julie wright to get a look at traffic.
7:47 am
hi, julie. >> good morning to you all. we're checking out the ride through the fog and we're finding a slow go on southbound 29 from stewart lane toward trader joe's. that's where we had an incident. the outer loop remains slow from 95 to georgia avenue. southbound 95 slowing as you leave 32 headed for 198 and again south of the icc work headed for the beltway. 395 across the inbound 14th street bridge. all of your lanes here are open. traffic slowing from boundary channel across the potomac. yule also find on the inner loop your slowing braddock road to 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well holly is at the wr rudy druggist building and country and drugstore museum in mt. airy this morning. >> it is a long title and long on history. good morning, holly. >> reporter: you are right. it's a mouthful. but let me tell you, this collection is grand. if you think you collect something, wait until i show you where we are this morning and i introduce you to the man behind this history. it's a place you might just
7:48 am
want to come and visit yourself. we'll tell you how to do that and plus tell you the story live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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up coming stories and steve might have to tweet what they did this weekend. >> okay. >> follow us by searching wttg morning news, all one word. holly has found a unique place in mt. airy, maryland. >> she is at country store and drugstore museum to find out what they have on display at their location. and i must admit, to tell me all about it. >> reporter: good morning. i'm telling myself too. i've never been here as well. we're used to a lot of great museums in our area but usually they are not put together by one person. this one happens to be. let me introduce you to howard parso. no, this is howard parso over here. and howard, you know you are a collect-aholic. >> i know. >> reporter: tell us about your collection. >> i started back in 1972 and i
7:53 am
was taken with the country store and early turn of the century drugstore items. >> reporter: why the time period? >> i don't know. but my niche is the turn-of-the- century. i live the lithography and the color and the signs and the way life was back in the turn-of- the-century. >> reporter: we don't have any cell phones going off in here, no computers. our blood pressure is coming down, isn't it? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: well we'll talk about the collection in a second. but i want to talk about the local. because you had to find a place for it and the building itself is significant. >> yeah. the building was built in 1888. and it serves a great purpose for the background of my collection. so i was looking for a building that would house the collection that blended in with the time period and i was lucky enough to acquire this building back in 1976. >> so this is the wr rudy druggist building. and who is wr rudy? >> he was a local druggist and
7:54 am
entrepreneur and a big real estate investor and he started -- this was the town's first post office. >> reporter: so that's the original soda fountain. >> that's the original soda fountain. >> reporter: so you had to do restoration. >> a little bit. >> reporter: so tell me more about the prizes possessions and the story behind that time. >> i had to put a whole package together to make this store what it was back in the turn-of- the-century. so this soda fountain was an integral part. people came in and bought penny candies. >> reporter: penny candies. let's just pause and think about that. something we could get for a penny. >> right. >> reporter: would they come to the candy store on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, was it just a treat? >> holly, that was a good question. this was a rural community and
7:55 am
people were busy during the week and on the weekend they looked forward to coming into town and bringing the children in and buying candy for the kids or going to the soda fountain and getting a ice cream on a hot and sticky day and occasionally getting their prescription filled. >> reporter: would they come dressed up? was it a special event to go into town? >> on some cases it was. and on saturday evenings here in the summer they would gather in front of the drugstore in their horses and buggies and wagons and play musical entertainments. of course no cell phones or tv back in those days. >> so where do you get most of your pieces? >> i go to many auctions all over the country. i used to go to a lot of antique markets and i would pick things up and buy other private collections. >> reporter: can you tell me about this torture device here? >> this is one of my prizes possessions. that's the way the woman that had corsets, to make them look
7:56 am
thinner, and back in those days women didn't have the dietary problems they do today because they worked so hard on the farms and everything. we didn't have all of the fast food places that would add weight on. >> reporter: are you calling us lazy. tread lightly. >> no. but it was a different lifestyle. people worked harder back then. they worked on the farms or helped their husband and raised their children. >> reporter: how many pieces do you think you have? >> i never accounted them. i think thousands. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to howard's website. he does do tours but you have to call and make an appointment. coming up in our next hour, this is just the first floor. we're going to take you up into the second floor to see more of howard's collection and plus we'll talk about his real job as well. you may not be surprised to know he's an auctioneer. we'll talk more about that and finding old things and selling them off. back to you. >> maybe that's where he gets
7:57 am
the tough from then. >> holly, thank you. that's neat. it is now 7:56 on this monday morning. thanksgiving now just three days a way. >> coming up after 8:00, time- saving tips so you're not spending all day in the kitchen to prepare the meal. and then it looks look a dump, but these are the halls of congress. we'll tell you what this scene was all about when we come back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
grief counselors at a northern virginia schools after two stabs over the weekend both involving teenagers. then many air passengers say the new security screening measures are inconvenient and in trucive and two riders say they are humiliating. and we'll tell you what this scene was about on capitol hill. that's ahead this hour as well. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. i hope your day is getting off to a good start. >> so far, so good. a little foggy out there this morning. >> that's been our main weather story all morning long and will continue for the next couple of hours as we continue to see some dense fog as could much of the viewing area.
8:01 am
because of that, the national weather service overnight issued a dense fog advisory. it's in effect for most of us until 11:00 this morning. you can see it there. it does include washington, d.c. and the close-in counties of fairfax, montgomery, prince george's county, prince william county, loudoun county, many, many areas. and then off to the east, in eastern maryland, we have dense fog advisory in effect there as well as eastern and southern maryland. parts of that area have had a fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. satellite composite, you see the clouds that we have across us this morning. we'll see some sunshine later on today. it will take a while for that to develop and we'll eventually see partly sunny skies in the region. right now current conditions being reported at reagan national, 49 degrees. relative humidity 97%. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. that is significant because that means we're going to get more mild air blowing in here later on today. yesterday our highs in the upper 50s, today how about the mid-60s after we get through
8:02 am
the morning fog. it will take some time for that to happen. and then it becomes partly sunny and mild. again 64 for the high downtown. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you. and let's check in with julie wright. the fog is still around. >> we're looking to find out what is happening. southbound 29 we had the disabled vehicle near the trader joe's. that should be out of the road. top side of the outer loop still below speed 95 to georgia avenue. 95 slowing in separate stretches from 192 to 38 and from the icc work down to the exit for the beltway. expect delays through riverdale and chefly into northeast washington where the lanes are open n. virginia, 395 across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, no incident reports crossing the potomac. now northbound 23rd street at constitution avenue, construction in place. that's tieing up the left lane and they're -- according to callers who are calling and tweeting me telling us we have delays off of 110 as you leave 95 past the memorial bridge.
8:03 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. two separate stabbings in manassas, virginia, one of them deadly. this morning grief counselors are on hand at the metz middle school and osborne high school to help students through the loss of the classmate miguel hernandez. two teens are in custody in connection with that death. investigators now looking for whoever is responsible for a second attack that happened saturday. in that case a 19-year-old was stabbed and beaten. authorities believe both crimes are connected, possibly gang- related. if you're flying out of town for the thanksgiving holiday, be prepared to go through tight security. the screening methods drawing criticism from -- from passengers and high ranking officials too. sarah simmons joins us this morning. >> reporter: the frustration over the tsa procedures is definitely frustrating for some
8:04 am
but the tsa said you have a choice. can have the full body scan or the patdown. and that's gone horribly wrong for travelers. >> reporter: more tsa horror stories surface ahead of the holiday rush. >> here i am in this room with no windows, i'm here with two men and i had my pants down. >> reporter: during his interlude, he bag spilled all over him. >> i was so embarrassed. and i thought people would see me and smell me. >> she put her full hand on my breast and said what is this? and i said it's a prosthesis
8:05 am
because i had breast cancer. >> reporter: this is with a tsa agent in august. >> it was just so horrific of an experience it just blew my mind. i couldn't believe somebody had done that to me. >> reporter: the head of the tsa said on sunday there is no plan to lessen the patdown procedures but they will work to make the patdown's, quote, minimally invasive. >> we don't want to have the christmas day bomber go to an airport, opt out of the technology and think he'll be able to get through. everybody wants to get home safely, how can we and tsa work with the traveling public to make that happen. >> reporter: and the tsa chief went on to say in a statement yesterday, they are seeking to strike the right balance between privacy and security. now there is also the informal push of the national opt out day by passengers who come on wednesday, the busiest travel day, the day before thanksgiving, they will opt out of the full body scanners. we'll have to wait until wednesday to see what kind of a
8:06 am
crunch that will create at the security line. we're live here at reagan national, sarah simmons, back to you. on capitol hill, not much time left for congress facing the lame duck session. lawmakers still have to pass a budget or fund the government temporarily. they need to vote on the bush era tax cuts before they expire. and then there is the nuclear treaty with russia. and they have to take up medicare reimbursement for doctors and discuss whether to extend unemployment to millions ab -- and less than one month to do it. many getting ready for the transition and that means the halls of capitol hill is cluttered with furniture and equipment. julie kurtz has more. >> reporter: this weekend the halls of congress look like a dump because they are. before the new congress can get to work, the old congress needs to move out and this generates a lot of trash every two years. a fancy name for piles of old binders and papers appear in the hallways on the hill.
8:07 am
it's all free for the taking if you still have a job in congress or just starting out here. we caught up with retiring congressman patrick kennedy who is not only packing up his office, but packing up a chapter in american politics that dates back to 1946. that's when john f. kennedy won a house seat in massachusetts. each year since then at least one member of the kennedy family has been in the white house or congress. >> i've had months to pack this stuff up, prioritize it label and it and get it ready. in fact i've had a moving truck move most of it out and that was prior to the election because i already knew i was leaving. >> reporter: of course a lot of members not choosing to move out, but getting defeated if the republican mid term sweep, a political transition and a messy one if you walk around capitol hill. some of the mess gets recycled, some of it shredded and the rest, for the most part, hill staffers have the job of coding everything work keeping in
8:08 am
bubble wrap and sending it back home. the lame duck congress still has work after the thanksgiving break. like the bush era tax cuts and you need more than office supplies to do that. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. d.c.'s former archbishop donald wuerl is officially a cardinal now. now he is second from the right among the newest cardinals of the catholic church, celebrating mass with the pope. all 24 men received a ring celebrating fidelity to the church. the vatican down playing the pope's recent comments about condoms. in a new book the pope said it can be used to stop the spread of hiv or aids. he gave the example of a male prostitute and said condom could be the first step in moralization. he said the comments are not
8:09 am
revolution air but many others disagree. >> i think that what it does address, an issue of the day without compromising traditional catholic values and at the same time it understands a changing culture in the world today. >> i've been following him as a cardinal and a pope and i'm not surprised because he's a man that looks ahead and looks to the future. >> the catholic church has been criticized for opposition to condoms by those leading the fight against hiv and aids. there is a new list out of the most dangerous cities in the country. find out who comes in at number one. it's not d.c. but we'll tell you where they rank as well. and then a reality tv show based in baltimore has been canceled. more when we check out other headlines making the stories this week. 9 minutes after 8:00 now.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:12 on this monday morning. the mystery of a body found in a box on the free way may be solved. police arrested marvin palencia. he is charged with first-degree murder while armed. st. louis overtaking camden, new jersey as the most dangerous city in 20 ott. that's according to a national study by cq press. st. louis had more than 2,000 violent crimes per 100,000 residents which is nearly five times more than the national average. baltimore took the 11th spot. d.c. coming in 22nd on the list. sad news for our friend up at the food network. they canceled the show ace of cakes after ten seasons. it's the show featuring doc goldman. he confirms the announcement on his website for charm city cakes. the network is developing new shows for you. hopefully to move on to bigger
8:14 am
and better things. just the power player on fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> now he has to do something different. >> we wish him the best. and tony perkins is joining us with a look at the weather and the cuteness factor of the day. >> we need it this morning after a dreary start to the morning with the fog and mist. it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. check it out. >> all right. >> this is 22-month-old shawn. >> i love that hat. >> it's his turkey hat. it is his homemade turkey hat. >> nothing like it. >> very cool. he looks proud to be wearing it too. have a great thanksgiving shawn. thank you to his parents or whoever sent that photo in. if you would like to send your child's photo in, all you need to go to go to and click on mornings. here is a look at current conditions at reagan national, they remain the same. 49 degrees is your current
8:15 am
temperature. relative humidity is 97%. winds are still out of the south. barometric pressure is 30.37. here is a look at the temperatures around the country. and they really vary. here we are in the upper 40s. just out to the west it's in the 60s. 62 in cincinnati. st. louis is 66 degrees. but then as you head west into the northern plains, many, bismarck 7 degrees. bills, montana, an hour ago it was 1 below and now it's 9 below. isn't that crazy. that is crazy out there salt lake city 32 degrees. here is a look at the national satellite radar. i'll tell you what, they will be happy they are not getting precipitation there in montana. it would be snow. they are seeing plenty of clouds. we are seeing some light precipitation across portions of the dakotas. and then rain showers from the great lakes back into portions of the midwest. there have been lightning with the rain showers. high today about 64 degrees. after the morning fog gets out
8:16 am
of here, we'll see partly sunny skies. tomorrow plenty of clouds around. 68 degrees and chance of rain showers late in the day. wednesday, cool and 56 but sunny. more clouds for thanksgiving. another chance of showers thanksgiving afternoon and evening. high of 54. and by friday our highs are in the mid-40s. i know it's not what you want to hear but i have to let you know the way we see it. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now an update on traffic and for that we go to julie wright. well i see it looking through my hands like this. >> you don't want to see it. >> it's going to be cold when you are standing in line on friday morning. >> and that's a good point. a lot of folks going out shopping and it's going to be in the 30s on friday morning. >> i haven't received your list of things to buy so i'm nervous. >> nothing from me. nothing. >> really? >> yeah, you know. >> okay. well tony is off the list. that's good. allison you're getting something extra, girl. southbound along 270, lanes are open right now as you
8:17 am
travel out of germantown headed for the lane divide. you'll find yourself on the brakes toward the split. 23rd street northbound north of constitution avenue, road work in place. left lane is blocked and causing a delay from the memorial bridge. also finding delays here at 395 over the inbound 14th street bridge. all lanes are open and no accidents to report toward the d.c. water front. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you so much. and if you're looking for work, check out our job of the day. accensure is looking for a tax is required so your home base is negotiable. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. well does the overhaul of the health care system have a direct bearing on the number of new jobs that will be created in coming years? our next guess said government regulation can stifle the creation of new companies and work opportunities.
8:18 am
morris panner is the ceo of group flyer, an online social media messaging system. he's also a successful software entrepreneur. >> thank you, allison. >> and when i first saw this, i said morris is going to come in here and rail the administration and then reading the article, the op ed in the post that has been picked up, the message is not so straightforward. you're a self-proclaimed democrat who sees problems with what is going on in the business world. tell us about the article. it was called strangling innovation and job creation with red tape. >> thanks, allison and it's great to be here. i wrote an article for the washington post that talks about what it's like to start a new business in today's economy. we started group flyer and just hired our sixth employee on friday and we're looking around for some more so if you want to add that to job of the day. >> ceo is right here with us. and tell us about the climate
8:19 am
right now. you say that some of the big initiatives from the administration, tax reform, financial reform, health care, really having a negative impact on entrepreneurs. how does this work? >> correct. we've hired our sixth employees. some of the regulatory burdens were more effectively done we could have hired another four or five already. that's the kind of concrete impact it has. what it means is more paperwork and more costs. to start our business, we actually spent more on administrative and legal fees than we did on setting up the whole infrastructure for our technology business, for all of group flyer. high-tech business, we spent more on the regulation, more on the legal and the accounting than we did on the business and the people. that's just not right. >> let me ask you, let me play devil's advocate and play we are all suffering this economic downturn because some big business decided to run wild, okay, if we can be honest.
8:20 am
so there had to be these regulations in place. now should there be a different set of rules for the smaller businessmen. how can we hope to get out of this economic downturn on the right path and not hurt small business? >> that's a great point, allison. i think the coalition of the big, big government and big business, that does keep us down, and we ned a better way to free up the small and new entrepreneural business creation and we have to have a different view and be sensitive to how costs that are easy for big business to absorb are quite difficult for small business to absorb. so we used to have to, when we sold our last business, we spent $400,000 on auditing fees just to try to get the business ready for sale and they still couldn't tell us whether we had done it right or not. that's not okay. >> you put some of the blame on regulators and lobbyists that you say they regulate keeping the status quo where it is.
8:21 am
how can this change and what needs to happen so we get back on our feet again? >> great question, allison. i think the beauty of our system is we can change it. and one of the things in the article that was edgy for a democrat to say is i sort of appreciated the tea party message because some of the messages is we can stand up and say this just isn't right, we don't need an extra tax form in the health care bill, we all agree that people shouldn't be kicked off the rolls if they are sick but that doesn't mean you have to file a 1099 or extra paperwork every time you incur different expenses which is part of the bill. it makes no sense to me. >> you talk about transparency, how would this help? >> i think what happens is when you have bills that are 2500 pages long and the people who pass them and admit they didn't read them, how can we hope to know what's in them and it's not a surprise when small business people find things that nail them. there is a wonderful book out that says the average american commits three felonies aday because they trip on regulations they didn't know
8:22 am
existed. >> there is so much more to ask you, but i'm going to leave it with is this country still built on small business? >> it is. our company, sixth employee on friday. it's a wonderful service and brings new energy to the system and it is our future. >> so we'll link that website to our website. >> thank you. and we'd love to hear from people. >> thank you so much. ceo of flyer and contributor to the washington post. thank you very much. >> thank you, allison. lead concerns involving drinking glasses. what you need to know when we come back. it does involve the youngsters as well. and then going back in time to the country store and drug museum this morning. i guarantee you'll learn something if you just stay tuned. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a big drop in emergency room visits since cough and cold medicines for kids up to age 2 were pulled from shelves in 2007. but the study by the centers for disease control and prevention shows there are still too many e.r. cases involving toddlers. that suggests that some patients haven't thrown out the
8:26 am
old bottles. we do have a warning about dangerous levels of lead found in drinking glasses. tests commissioned by the associated press found some glasses depicting superman or wonderwomen exceeded the federal limits for kids by up to 1,000 times when it came to lead. the glass ware bought at a warner brother as studio in l.a., the ones used for the test, and made in china, the same glasses contained high levels of the toxic medal cadmium. residents can now buy liquor on sunday. liquor and wine stores can sell on sunday for the next six months. the idea is customer convenience which translates into cash money for the county. some council members think this could pull in another $2 million in revenue each year. >> 8:26 right now on this monday morning. up next, more on the top story, the increase about the security at the airport.
8:27 am
>> and of course somebody has jumped on this. the new underwear with the claim that it can get you through security with your dignity in tact. and the jurors in the chandra levy murder trial begin day four of deliberations. we'll have the latest on that with paul wagner when we come back. 8:26.
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48 degrees right now, just about 8:30. let's look at stories making headlines. closing arguments set to begin in the trial of tom delay. he is accused of illegally channeling $200,000 in donations in the texas legislative races. he denies any wrongdoing. it was 47 years ago today john f. kennedy was killed. it was an event that, like 9/11, people remember where you were when it happened. kennedy was killed as he made
8:31 am
his way through the streets of dollars. fox 5 will speak with the secret service agent who was just feet away. we talked with him here and we'll talk with him again tonight at 10:00. you don't want to miss that interview. secretary of state hillary clinton is said to be against one of the so-called intrusive airport security screening measures. others planning to boycott wednesday, the busiest holiday travel day. in the meantime tsa has said it has to plans to change the security policy consisting of body scanner machines and patdowns. though reports have surfaced that officials may be changing their stance. and in the meantime, a colorado man has helped a way to get through airport screeners with your dignity. >> he's created a special underwear that has designed consisting of metal that cover your private area. it will not apparently set off the metal detector. so if you think that that's going to help things, go for it
8:32 am
and let us know what happens. >> good old american ingenuity, that's what i say. tucker barnes is standing by with a look at the forecast. >> yeah, did you find the answer to the question about the negative temperatures here? because we were talking about how wold we were. it was 10 below in washington. >> the first time in january was november 1st. >> so never in december. >> november or december. and let's get to it. and to the south and west, visibility is a quarter mile at dulles. all the way up to hagerstown, visibility down to a quarter mile. so touch and go for the next couple of hours. good news once the fog kicks out of here. should be an improvement and it will be a nice looking day today with high temperatures back in the 60s with highs only in the 50s yesterday. 48 right now at reagan national. temperatures not bad overnight. 48 in frederick, 46 in fredericksberg. 40 in martinsberg. off toast we have a little fog
8:33 am
as well in places like stevensville. 50 for you and 54 in cambridge. satellite radar, a lot happening but generally speaking it should be a good- looking day today as our frontal system, this is a cold front off to the north and west, it will stay north and west today and our winds out of the south here. so in the warm sector for today and tomorrow, that will keep temperatures later in afternoon well above normal. we'll be in the low to mid-60s today and near 70 across the area tomorrow before the cold front starts to cool things down by wednesday. so next couple of days is fine. as we get into thursday, it you're planning ahead, we have some showers in the forecast for thanksgiving. 64 today and morning fog and then partly sunny and mild this afternoon. should be a nice looking afternoon. winds out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, next couple of days, there we go, up and down. up tomorrow, near 70. then we cool down on wednesday. then we really cool down late thursday and friday with highs by friday, good shopping weather, only in the 40s. mid-40s by friday afternoon. that's a look at the forecast. steve, over to you.
8:34 am
>> tucker, thank you very much. just about an hour from now juries will begin their fourth day in deliberation of the trial for chandra levy. guandique is charged with her death a year ago. paul wagner has been reporting from the courthouse. day four as this continues. can you explain the question asked to the judge on friday? >> i think you have to look at it this way, steve. there are three charges ingmar guandique is facing. he's facing felony murder, kidnapping, felony murder attempted robbery and if the jury does not find him guilty of either of those, they could find him guilty of second- degree murder. their question had to do with the felony murder kidnapping charge. and it's legalesa and they wanted to know about the definition of assault. if you're going to find him guilty of felony murder kidnapping, you had to find he assaulted chandra levy before
8:35 am
you get to the part where he kidnapped here and then get to the felony murder. so they wanted to know what is the definition of assault. but when they were charged, as they call it, another legal term, as the judge read them the jury instructions, he didn't read them the instruction about the definition of assault. and they didn't realize that until the jury had asked the question. so they went back over the instructions and they said, oh, we errorred. we didn't tell them about this. so the judge brought them back in, read them the instruction, they went back out and now that was later in the afternoon on friday. they didn't get back to work after that question until about 4:00 i think. it was 3:30 or 4:00 and so they only went back in for another hour, hour and a half after they had gotten the answer to that question. >> put on your analyst hat for us for what, if anything, can we either read into the fact that they were asking this question, or the fact that it took a couple of days in deliberation
8:36 am
before they got to the fact that that hadn't been brought up in the course of the trial. does that mean anything? >> my gut feeling, after hearing their question, is that they were leaning toward conviction. i talked with burnie grim, our legal analyst, he said he felt the same way. just based on the question. you can't go it any other way. it's just that. so after all of this time, when they ask a question like that, you have to think that their possibly thinking about conviction, because why would they ask that question otherwise. >> right. as far as the three charges that are there, what is the difference in any potential penalty or sentence that could come down based on what they would end up going with. >> it's significant. first felony murder is 25 years up through life without possibility of parole. and second-degree is less than that. basically there is no bottom to second-degree, but i think it only goes up to -- i asked the u.s. attorney's office for clarification on this last week and i don't want to say it wrong but i think it's a zero
8:37 am
to 30 for second-degree murder and it may be less than that. i may have that wrong. >> definitely a difference. so we'll be back in court today waiting to see if today is the day it comes down. >> and we'll have to see if we have long lines. that's keeping the deliberations not start on time. and so the jury isn't getting started sometimes until late in the morning. >> we'll see what happens. i know you'll be down there. paul, thank you so much. 8:37 right now. it's 48 degrees on this monday morning. well there was one big winner at the american music awards. we'll tell you who that was when we come back. and fox 5 goes one-on-one with chuck brown, the godfather of go-go at the go-go awards here in d.c. we'll talk with him when we come back. stay with us.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
big night for justin beiber at the american music awards. >> he's waiting his entire life for that. >> look at his jacket. he's 16 years old and he scored the top honor, artist of the year. that's huge. >> the youngest ever. >> and he also picked up three other awards. eminem and usher took home three and lady antebellum took
8:41 am
home one. brad paisley voted the favorite male country artist. and the night closed out from the boy band new kids on the block with back street boys. >> they are together? >> playing a medley of their biggest hits. >> and they're touring together. >> and of course the demographic has changed. >> well let us know how the show is. and last night was a time to honor a music genre that happened here. >> and 5th street hosting the go-go awards and including the classics, the godfather of go- go, chuck brown. and he honored the next generation helping to take music to the next level. >> it's been a long time. and one thing i like about it, is the staying power. it's been out there a long time. and it stays and gets better as time goes on. young bands are coming along and taking it to another level and so i appreciate that. >> that voice. >> how do you get that low.
8:42 am
>> and go-go music has been around since the '70s and getting more mainstream all of the time. >> nothing like chuck brown. that's great. >> we'll get to see him and the next generation too. 8:41 on this monday morning. thanksgiving is three days away. so we have some time-saving tips, if you put things off, and you don't want to spend all day in the kitchen, we'll help you out. holly. >> reporter: this is a ribbon cabinet. you won't this anywhere. it's circa 1890, how ladies would come to the store and buy ribbon for something they were making. you'll only see this in mt. airy at the county store museum where we happen to be live and hanging with the owner. it's all one man's collection. coming up we'll show you more of what he has. and we'll tell you how to come and see it yourself and give you a tip or two if you are interested in antiques and appraisals in the process. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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the saying "easy as pie," i get it now. just unroll it fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. make a pie with pillsbury tonight. looking for a holiday recipe your family will love? try crescent wrapped brie. just unroll it wrap the brie, bake, and present. that looks really delicious! and so easy. for this recipe and more visit
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this morning we put holly in our own little fox 5 time
8:46 am
machine and sent her back to the early 20th century. >> he's in mt. airy, maryland at the country store and drugstore museum. holly, good morning. >> reporter: this is a fascinating place. and i'll tell you, it's fascinating because of the fascinating person behind it. howard harseo, funny story, and i said we'll show off the second floor and i said where do you want to begin? and what did you say? >> i have no idea. there's so much stuff up here. >> reporter: and so let's continue our story. and what do you have show cased up here? >> we had to expand the museum due to my collecting abilities, so we decided to go upstairs in the old stockroom and expand the collection out. and what you're going to see up here is the old thread cabinets, a lot of the old ribbon cabinets, showcases, counters, all kinds of great and interesting things. tobacco advertising on the chairs. >> reporter: now is it at the point now, do you still seek out stuff or do people contact
8:47 am
you because you're known as a collector in this time period? >> we get contacts by other collectors retiring or changing their lifestyle and they want to downsize their collection so they'll call me knowing that we buy for the museum. and so that's how we come across a lot of the artifacts. >> reporter: and you say you love women and children advertising. it looks like you have a lot of women and children's clothes. >> these manicans were made between 1865 to 1910. they have the cast iron shoes that control the weight of the manican. there is no heads on them. they're in period clothing. but it's people -- people like to come in the museum and see what people wore. >> even the manican that the cloths are on is also of the time period. >> also of the time period. >> reporter: you are the real deal, howard. every level. >> we try to blend in with the period. >> reporter: what is the reaction of people when you bring them through here. i know you do girl scout groups
8:48 am
and other people that want to come? >> we actually do families, a get-together if they have family members coming from out of town for re unions. we do antique tours and stuff. and once they come through the front door, they get very quiet and all they want to do is look. they're enamored by it and that's the enjoyment that i get in my feedback of the people that tour the museum to see them smile and enjoy the collection. that's the biggest thing that they enjoy. >> reporter: i can imagine. now obviously this is a labor of love. >> without a doubt. >> reporter: let's get that out. you're not becoming a rich man with this museum. >> no, no. >> reporter: but you do have an award-winning appraisal and auction firm business. so i wanted to kind of pick your brain on obviously that you know good antiques and the values. and so when people start to go out, what kind of mindset do they need to have? >> first of all, you buy what you like. it doesn't matter whether it's rare. and you buy what you like and
8:49 am
know what to do with it. are you going to take it home and decorate or are you buying for your collection but you always have to buy what you like because the value may or may not be there with a recession or whatever. so always buy what you like. that's the main thing. >> reporter: then how do you know if you have something that is valuable? >> well with the help of the internet today it's kind of easy. most of the time you put in the name of a company that manufactured a product that you are interested in and it will come up, the history company and such. and then if it went through any major auction house, usually the price will come up that it sold for and you'll know that that item sold more neighbor $500 or $600 a year ago then you know whether you scored. >> reporter: and there was a bigger one downstairs but tell everybody what this miniature version is? >> this is a nut and bolt cabinet. and most every general store
8:50 am
would have a cabinet to spin around and you could pick out your different bolts and nuts. >> reporter: and howard used to use them as side tables. now he's married. thank you so much. is our website and if you want to find out more and schedule a tour yourself, you can go to the website. and coming up, we'll learn about auctioneering and talk about this museum as a movie set. it's been that too. back to you. >> that's great stuff, holly. thank you very much. thanksgiving doesn't have to mean hours and hours in the kitchen. oh, no. here with some time-saving tips is celebrity chef katherine dioryo, friend of the show as well. and we're happy you came back to see us. happy holidays. >> good to see you too. >> that smile lights up everything. we're talking time-saving tips. >> that's really important. and these are the -- these are cooking holidays coming up. so i'm going to show you some
8:51 am
tips that i use in my kitchen. and so i'll bring them to yours. >> and this all looks so pretty. and the colors just puts you in the thanksgiving spirit. >> i love fall but usually the cold winter comes right up behind it. >> you know what is next. >> exactly. i'm going to make a sausage stuffed acorn squash. and you can save time because you are not trying to shuffle things around or cook so much in advance. you can do these in the microwave while everything else is cooking and another tip is get people involved. so if you have teen-agers in the house, put them in to microwaving things off. and we have the skillet heated up and let them start heating up. and this is an acorn squash and i've already precut it. what you want to do when you go
8:52 am
to the story -- the store, look for heavy in size. and this is what it will look like after you microwave it 10- 15 minutes. so it will cook down like that. and that's the first step of your recipe. now another good tip is to -- buy ingredients that are precooked. and this is the jimmy dean sausage crumbles turkey in honor of the holidays coming up. and it's great because it's precooked and preseasonned so all you have to do is heat it through. all of the great flavor without the mess and sometimes it can get messy. we're going to put that in a skillet and let that heat up. and while this is heating up we're going to make the rest of the filling. this is just an egg and we'll beat this up. you can dump that milk in while i'm doing that. just two tablespoons of milk. there you go. and then very easy, we can dump everything else in here. >> dump everything?
8:53 am
>> yes. and the great thing about spinach is you can buy is prewashed. bred crumb -- bread crumbs, but you can make those yourself but i wouldn't. and then here is a salad. and we can use those in a salad. and one of the things i like to do is have a list going. i say be modest about it. and as you're starting to shop for the holidays, as you see things go on sale, you go into the store and say this is a staple i'm going to need. because as hollies creep up, everybody runs to the store for their ingredients. >> oh, geez it's terrible. >> and sometimes you have to go to two or three stores because things sell out. and that's it. and that's all you do. and then i'm going to put the sausage in there. and then stir that up.
8:54 am
i'm going to let in for me. i'm going to use my tips and get people involved. and part of the thing is obviously spending time with your family. so doesn't this smell nice? and it's really easy. and then you can do nice big scoops and spoon right in there and put them in the microwave for a three or four minutes and that's what they look like. >> and we're out of time, but the old-fashioned pigs in a blanket, that's an idea. and how nice is that? that's comfort food and reminds you of thanksgiving. >> and it's used refrigerated crescent dough. and here is the dried cranberries, maybe if you had mushrooms left over, you can make the cranberry mushroom tart and use a premade crust and if you have guests, just pop it in the oven the next day. >> i love that.
8:55 am
katherine, thanks for visiting us. don't be a stranger. >> i hope not. >> thank you. well the redskins had to bring a mash unit to tennessee. somehow they escaped with a win in overtime. we'll see how the injuries mounted up and what the future is for the skins this week. dave ross is back with us at 9:00 and we have some questions at 9:00 as well. stay with us. it's 8:54 now.
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and allison to take us up until 10:00. >> steve, thank you so much. here are stories we are working on for the 9:00 hour. many air passengers say the new security screening measures are inconvenient and in trucive and the secretary of state and the president seem to agree with some of that. so will the process change before the holiday travel season? we'll take a look. and plus sarah palin has a new book set to hit store shelves. we'll talk about someone with an advanced copy and talk about the highlights. and a former first lady shares her thoughts. and plus we're taking your pet questions and straight to the vet. our guest vet will join us later and we'll have a few adoptable pets in studio looking for a good home. all of this and much more still ahead right into the 9:00 hour. we're we go. tucker barnes is downstairs in the weather center keeping an eye on our changing weather conditions. question is how is the fog? is that changing at all? >> not yet. but as we get into the late


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